Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pats and Rubs

The 2 year old fought nap time today... isn't that always the way when you have plans later on and you NEED a happy child...

The second time she got out of her bed I could feel my frustration level rising... the third time my threatening voice came out... then my pleading voice.

Then my singing voice... I cuddle up beside that curly headed little ragamuffin and sang soft songs in her ear.  "Jesus loves me this I know..."

"Pat and rub me mommy."

And so I do... rub rub rub... pat pat pat... the fight leaves her... and my frustration leaves me... now we are just a mama and her baby... snuggling and imprinting love on each other.

In the messy room my children share... on a toddler's bed, with a drool stained pillowcase... my soul is rescued by the beauty of serving this child.

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