Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have a name I told Craig... I want you to think about it and not say anything for a week... Meadow
And that is who she is... my second child... an intricate combination of wild and beauty.  Meadow Jewel... my first girl.  She is a dancing princess... and a ferocious tiger... wrapped up in one lovely, freckled, package.

I can't believe I was so nervous about this addition to our family of three... I worried that there was not enough love in me for 2 babies... that this angel might hinder my ability to mother her brother well...

But I soon found out that there is more than enough love... and that babies are born with their own love supply and the puke it all over you (literally)... and you can't help but have your heart expand.

So my gift is this creature... this smart as a whip... hilarious... 4 year old... who did not steal my heart... but made it bigger.

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