Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This baby has a different mother than my other children had...
She has a confident mother... a mother who knows that things are not perfect... but it will all turn out.  Her mother was not concerned with sleep schedules... but sleep snuggles... she was not concerned about spoiling... but obsessed with loving.

Delaney is the baby who changed how I mother... and because of that I think she is more adventurous than the other two... as well as more determined to do what she wants (like dancing on the kitchen table... after repeatedly being taken off).

I hear "up" and see outstretched hands hundreds of times a day... and I am apt to oblige... because I know how fleeting these days are...
It's hard to describe a baby's personality... doesn't every parent think their child is smart, and adorable, and funny and sweet... and and and... but this is oh so true of my Delaney May.

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