Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WFMW: Why I Put a Calendar In My Bathroom...

Shh I have a little secret... I cheated and started one of my good habits for 2015 (because we are creatures of habit and not creatures of resolutions) on Dec 16 2014... 

When I mentioned to Craig that I wanted to challenge myself to floss my teeth everyday for 30 days his reply was "why wait?"  And darn it I couldn't think of a good reason to wait... so I jumped in and started that night.

Something else I did that night was put a calendar and a yellow sharpie marker in the bathroom.  It's just enough of a boost to draw a yellow star on each square and see all of the other yellow stars cheering me on that I keep on flossing...

What are those blank squares you ask?  Well I'm not perfect and sometimes circumstances dictate that I ditch the floss... but just look at all the other stars around that blank one... it's a visual that keeps me keeping on.

Having a calendar in my bathroom is working to keep me flossing.

What tools are you using to develop good habits in 2015?

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  1. I used this basic trick to keep myself taking the vitamins that reduce my PMS and headaches! I made a little card that said, "Vitamins will make me happier," and put it behind my pillbox, and each night I took my vitamins I drew a smiley face on the card. I don't have to draw them any more; I just look at all of them smiling and feel that I can't let them down. :-)