Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Get Your Toe Wet... Or Jump In?

Last night... just on the edge of falling asleep... a thought started buzzing around in my head... kind of like the mosquito in your tent... you do not fall asleep until you deal with it.
So I grabbed my phone... made a note of said thought and then plunked my head back on to the pillow.

Is it better to ease yourself into something... or just jump in with both feet?

Let me give you a little context.  You may know already that I have been reading Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.  It's making me very uncomfortable... in a very stretching and growing way.  Even though I am still in the middle of it (it's taking me quite a long time to finish this book)... I've been making attempts at creating my brotherly (And sisterly) love strategy... You know all while praying for God to open my eyes to loving opportunities. *insert eye roll here.*

It looks like this...
Me: God... please show me the places you would have me go and serve.
Me (again): Ooh I know... I could do this that and the other thing.
Phone Rings: It's a part of the Body of Christ calling... and it says... "I have a meeting at the New Life Mission (local homeless shelter) on October 1 and you're coming with me."
Me: Well God... you certainly heard my prayers... and now I feel like I'm jumping in...
(God knows that I am a sucker for outings with my favorite people.)

But maybe this is still just me working my way into the water... and I barely have my toes wet.

photo credit: librariantiff via photopin cc

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  1. Ah Love it Love it!!! Its going to be a soaking wet year forget the toes!