Friday, September 19, 2014

Because This... 15th Edition

Welcome to this compilation of my favorite photos and links of the past week.

  1. I shared a little while ago the story of my first miscarriage.  Wishing I had waited to tell people because the pain of untelling them was awful... This article talking about Jill Duggars pregnancy announcement  has a different take on when to reveal you are with child.  I'm not certain it's what I would do but it brings up some interesting points about the beginnings of life.
  2. These two moms both inspired me to embrace the chaos and adventure that is parenting.  I'm Sure It's Fine  and  Is This Normal?
  3. Sometimes a post comes along that makes me want to jump around cheering and burst into inspired tears all at the same time... Raising a Kind Daughter is just such a post.
What have you been reading this week?

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