Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Still Believe...

I have spent time in conversation about beautiful faith stories... I have read tender blog posts about the love of Christ... and I have become close with some amazing people in the last few years.

Through brave honest confession I have learned that some dear to me struggle with church... I have come to terms with some disturbing bible passages through listening to other's theological ideas and coming to my own conclusions...

I have wrestled my own questions of belief... some have satisfactory answers and others I may never know the answer to.

But I still believe... I still believe because when I pray there is a stirring in my heart... when I hear about others loving without condition I want to jump up and down cheering and crying the ugly cry...

I believe because love and relationship have God's fingerprints all over them... the beauty of creation sings to my soul... there is left over paint when a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis.

I believe because when something dry and dead is planted in the ground... life emerges... and in that there is the greatest hope.


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