Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being Kind...

There is a certain amount of courage one must muster into risking kindness... I must admit I often ignore the hitchhiker and keep on driving... You know all those stories about hitchhiker axe murderer rapists?  Kinda turns you off picking anyone up when you're a thirty something stay-at-home mom taxiing your kiddos around to park playdates and swimming lessons... I do feel guilty though.

I mean Jesus told a story about the good Samaritan... risking his life for an injured man on the street... an act of courage... squelching fear and going beyond to help an enemy neighbor even.

I'm pretty good at staying in my service bubble... need a meal?  Just give me a call... Need your chickens fed while you're out of town?  I'm on it... but greatness happens when you step out of your comfort zone.

There are no conditions attached to "Love your neighbor as yourself..."  I guess my question is what is wisdom and what is fear?  How do you manage the risk?  Or do you?
photo credit: Noodlefish via photopin cc

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