Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Writer

I'm joining Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday this morning... the prompt is writer... come write for 5 minutes and link up!

Writer... it's a word I want to be a strong part of my identity... right up there with Mother, Sister, Wife... I used to write stories and poems...

Back when I wasn't afraid that my writing wasn't good enough... but I let that slip away...  It was just a silly little girl thing to do anyway right?

But I am oh so thrilled to have found 3 other women who also want to write... women to meet with... share with... allow to read what my soul wants the world to know.

To be a writer... to let loose my imagination... to welcome and practice a craft to make my own...

Writer, it's who I am.

Five Minute Friday photo credit: katmary via photopin cc

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  1. "Back when I wasn't afraid that my writing wasn't good enough..." I so appreciate that line. I miss those days, and I have been trying to find the courage again. Thank you for sharing your heart.