Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Resolutions

Quick report on October's resolutions:

Goal #1 was running... and I actually did... well for the first 1/2 of October... then I found a whole lot of excuses... but I will celebrate that I did 50% better than September...

Goal #2 Create a daily check list and find a mothering mentor... Daily checklist was a fail... (I really need to review these goals more throughout the month...) As for a mothering mentor... I don't have a specific person that I have bestowed that title on... but I have hung out with some pretty fantastic mothers this month...

Goal #3 Quiet time and time with God...Well I did not stick to my guns about after supper quiet time very well and I have hopefully learned my lesson... lack of alone time depletes me... I did spend time with God... though not as much as I would have hoped... So yay I learned a lesson and high five for effort...

Now for November Goals:

Health: Tighten my gluten free belt... I have done a supreme amount of cheating and it is wreaking havoc on my energy, my mood and my bulgy belly... Also find some sort of body movement that I enjoy... you know besides sex... since the snow has arrived running is probably out for a while.

Personal Growth: Be kinder... to my family... October was stressful... I came to the end of my patience with house renovations... and I'm pretty sure sure that mean mommy/wife is still hanging out around here... Part of my plan is a family vacation with just the 5 of us... with no technology allowed... so looking forward to this!

Spiritual Growth: I'm kind of stuck for this one... I guess my hope is to recognize opportunity... opportunity to love inspite of ___... opportunity to make the best choice... opportunity to breath in calm and quiet.

So tell me what is your favorite indoor exercise?


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  1. favorite indoor exercise... laying on my belly on my bed (legs hanging off) with my 3-year-old between my ankles and hoisting him onto the bed. he thinks he's superman and it's great for the backside of my lap!!