Thursday, October 17, 2013


This isn't a post about how blessed I am... honestly it's a bit of a rant about other people announcing that they are so blessed...

I am more than agreeable that children are a blessing... I am really a fan of being grateful and giving thanks...

But my heart drops a bit and I feel my throat get tight when I read Facebook statuses like: "I am so blessed... Thank you God for my new boat."

And it's hard for me to think that God "provided" FB friend with a new boat because FB friend is somehow "endowed with divine favour and protection." (Google Dictionary) ... While a mother is grieving the loss of her infant... while a father is struggling to figure out how to put food on his table...  God is waving his magic wand and handing out boats to his "favorites"...

I hope not... and I hope I am not fooled into thinking that the things I have are intended for me... that somehow I am accumulating treasure for the purpose of showing off God's divine favour over me... and I pray that I don't commit an even bigger offense than burying my talents... by flaunting them on the computer screens of my fellow social networkers.
  photo credit: UweBKK (α 77 on ) via photopin cc

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