Friday, December 28, 2012

Thoughts on Motherhood for the Coming Year

(that's me... the mom)

I want my children to trust me... and I want to be worthy of that trust.

 I want them to know that they are loved... not just repeat it like a Sunday school answer because it's what I want to hear... but have that love be deep within them and encircle them.

I want to let things go... I want to remember that they are trying to get it right.

I want to make them a priority... they really are more important to me than Facebook... so I better darn well put that in to practice.

I want them to love words... from fairy tales to bible stories to Little House on the Prairie and Charlotte's Web.

I want them to be imaginative... to dream and make believe.

I want to be an example of holy and healthy


  1. For me, I would add "I want to be a gentle and kind mom." I too often forget these qualities when life gets harried.