Monday, October 22, 2012

I Get It!

Sometimes I just don't understand deep things... theologies that are complicated or abstract go right over my head. But today I read this:

“In Scripture, the word salvation means “deliverance” and includes three tenses: we were saved (justification = salvation from the penalty of sin); we are being saved (sanctification = salvation from the power of sin); and we will be saved (glorification = salvation from the presence of sin). Salvation, then, is Jesus Christ: Christ as our righteousness (past); Christ as our sanctification (present); Christ as our hope of glory (future)...” (Frank Viola)

And it makes sense!  It answers some of the questions I don't know how to express.

Perhaps reader you are wise to these words... but they are fresh and new to me... like my baby clean from the bath. She is soft and smells so delightful... I want to breath it in... I want to examine it... I want to shout... I get it!

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