Monday, September 24, 2012

Will I Ever Fit Again?

I went to church Sunday morning...I used to love church... Perhaps it was the social part... Belonging to a group...

 I'm kind of living a secret though... you see people don't really know that I am angry with the so called "Christian love" I've seen... the kind of love that sends an army of "prayer warriors" to a fellow church goers front lawn to publicly pray a problem tenant out of their basement... tell me where is the compassion? How about taking the guy a coffee and trying to have a conversation before trying an exorcist eviction?

 I cringe and my heart breaks a little when I look around and realize that I don't fit with these people any more... but is that reason enough to tuck tail and run? If I try to rock the boat will anyone listen?



  1. 'Fitting in' at church...what a toughie. I hope you find a niche, and not at the expense of stifling your current questions. Speak the truth in love -- people, at church and elsewhere, need to be challenged. And practice humility when others also speak the truth in love, to you. Thank you for your honesty!

  2. I hear you, Sarah. I find it so hard to fit in at church--but whene I find Christians outside of organized church it feels organic and wonderful. I've been reading Frank Viola's work trying to figure out alternatives, but it seems (surprisingly) risky to do something outside the norm. And maybe I shouldn't give up on the institution just yet...

  3. Thank you Heather, I think I will spend some of my Sabbath over at his blog...