Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 Books on My To Read List... (And 1 I'm In The Middle Of)

I absolutely love good book recommendations... and I'm collecting quite the list... So I'm sharing a few with you... You know to lighten the load  ;)

1. A Million Little Ways... I just recently started reading Emily Freeman's blog Chatting at The Sky... and I discovered that there is also an art course that Emily's father created to go along with her book...
2. Interupted ... I wanna be Jen Hatmaker when I grow up... Seriously!  I'm looking forward to this book because I am at a fork in my path... so I stay comfortable... or do I allow myself to be wrecked by Jesus?

3. The Rest of God... I first heard about this book  on the Art of Simple Podcast... and since I have some rather romantic thought about sabbath... I quickly added this book to my list.

And 1 book I'm in the middle of right now... 

Irresistible Revolution ... Shane Claiborne has been challenging me to engage in some deeper practices of love...and encouraging me to take a serious look at how I engage in God's economy.  Thanks to my friend Julie for lending it to me...

Now tell me... What's on your "to read" list?  What book is currently shaking you up?

Disclaimer: I have not read any of these books to the end (although I'm working on it)... this post contains affiliate links.
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