Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma Frank!

Dear World,
You really must meet my Grandma Frank.  There she is!  Pretty right?  
Well world today is her birthday, so now that you know what she looks like be sure to wish her a happy birthday when you see her.  

Be warned though she isn't your typical grandma... Oh sure she crochets blankets every once in a while.  And she makes some darn good cabbage rolls... I believe bacon and love are her secret ingredients.  Yes those two things are typical Grandma activities...

But she's also a bit cheeky... sometimes the things that come out of her mouth will shock you, before you notice the twinkle in her eye and you both start to giggle.

Grandma Frank also has no trouble lending you her glasses so you can get a better look at the buns on a cyclist as you drive past him on the highway.

She doesn't seem to realize her actual age.  My kids and grandma spent plenty of time on the trampoline together last summer.  Some have even reported seeing her crawling around on the lawn with her great grand children!

So world be extra kind to my dear sweet Grandma.  She's one heck of a lady and today she's a wee bit older.

Love you Grandma!  Happy Birthday!

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