Sunday, January 25, 2015

33 Clothing Items for 3 Months... What I Wore Week 2

Week 2 of the challenge... Here's what happened:

1. 3 year old had the flu... so I didn't actually get dressed every day this week.
2. I am discovering that I feel quite vulnerable posting pictures of myself taken by my 9 year old...

On with the (fashion) show:

Day 1:

 I was headed to a surprise party to celebrate my
mother-in-law becoming a Canadian citizen... So my outfit is black and white leggings, chambray button up, grey tank top  (borrowed flag headband and red scarf from my kids dress-up)

Day 2:

Play date and dinner at my mom's were the agenda... Outfit: Grey American Eagle cardigan, Silver jeans, Sevenly Love shirt, carriage necklace and navy tank top.

Day 3:

An afternoon at my grandma's inspired this slightly wild but super comfy combo: Patterned leggings, grey tank top, Sevenly education is freedom shirt, black Target (RIP) cardigan and the necklace my dad made for me.

So there you have it... What did you wear?  Are you purging your closet?  How's that going for ya?

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