Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3 Habits I Want to Establish in 21 Days

Alright... since I just wrote 4 Ways to Remember Your Monthly Goals... I thought I better actually set a few goals and try out my methods.  So here are 3 habits I want to establish this month:

1. No Phone During School Time:

This pretty much looks just like it says... I will not be "playing" on my phone during school time.  Instead I will play with Delaney, be readily available to help the bigger kids and leave my phone on my bedside table during that time.  Yes I will put the no phone sign on the schoolroom door.

2. Write For a Minimum 10 Minutes 6 Days a Week:

It's one of the rules of writing don't you know?  Show up and write.  My plan?  Set a phone alarm (or maybe 2  just in case I am in the middle of a very important something or another when the first one sounds).  Then I will ignore any child who is not critically injured or having an explosive bodily function and write.

3. Spend at Least 15 Minutes Outside Everyday:

Again a phone alarm reminder will probably work well for this.  A walk with the kiddos after breakfast sounds... well slightly stressful... but with the right attitude it will be fun.  Ok ok so this might be an experimental ever evolving goal... 

Leave me a comment and tell me what habits you want to work on... What strategies do you have for keeping your goals front and center?

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