Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Five Ways to Win My Heart...

You know just in case you are looking to rock my world or float my boat... or just make me feel special... Here's a quick list how.

  1. Take me shopping a pick my clothes... seriously I love clothes... but I'm not super confident when it comes to picking them... and you will probably pick something that I never would have tried on in 1000 years... 
  2. Let's go on a trip where we make too many stops... you now like "Hey there's a thrift store... stop at that fruit stand... follow the arrows to that garage sale... wanna find out what that plaque says at the stop of interest? Cause I do."
  3. Send me fun mail... you know like cute note cards... pretty bookmarks... there is a lot of love in the written word.
  4. Coffee... Chocolate... Wine... Sushi... Cheesecake
  5. Help me with something that overwhelms me... fresh eyes and an extra pair of hands are often the remedy for a big mess to be cleaned up...
What about you?  What are some things that boost your spirits and soothe your soul?
photo credit: - Dom - via photopin cc

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