Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thankful Thursday #9... The Dad Edition

Yup that's right folks... that handsome guy right there... he's my dad... and here's why I'm thankful for him...
  1. He is really quite funny... 
  2. He rarely says no to an invitation to just hang out with us.
  3. He takes all three of my kiddos for a sleepover.
  4. He always ends our phone conversations with "I love you."
  5. He has carried on a heritage of fishing in our family and passed it on to my boy.
  6. He is an over comer.
  7. He's never given up on me... even when I was not so wonderful.
  8. He chose a great wife.
  9. He is a shutterbug.  I have lots of great pictures of my kids, scenery, catches of the day... because of him.
  10. He is generous and kind to others.