Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Writing Crap Day 3: A Truly Crappy Story

Welcome to Day 3 of Writing Crap
That's me on the right in all my tweenerific glory.

When I was a tween (my word when I was a tween were we even called tweens?) it was my job to pick up dog poop in the yard.  There was somewhat of a system to this...the poop was scooped with a long handled shovel and deposited in a barrel by our barn. (why we had a poop barrel to this day I am not sure... kinda gross).

One warm sunny day I was sent outside to scoop poop... sent because there is no way I would have done it on my own accord.
There I am... pile on the end of my shovel... headed to the poop barrel... but wait the poop barrel wasn't in it's regular place.

Off to the house I go... still carrying the shovel of crap... my goal? Find my mom and ask her where the poop barrel went.

Tragedy struck however, before I could reach my mother ... as I stepped from the grass onto the concrete patio my foot caught the edge of the cement and I tripped... landing with my forehead in the poop.

I ran into the bathroom... gagging and sobbing... I could hear my sisters (pictured above) belly laughing outside the door as my mother choked back her own giggle while helping me get the ponytail out of my hair so I could shower.

To this day I am totally squeamish about picking up after my pooch. Ugh.

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  1. haha, oh man, thats really bad. Tiffany

  2. lol... i'm seeing a pattern here... you and your 'stuff', craig and the chicken 'stuff'... i'd be nervous about ANY poo if i were in your shoes. :) :)