Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Challenge You to Celebrate...

I have well behaved children... They did not pop out perfectly polite... Nor are they perfectly polite now... But they are darn good kids.  I tell you this not to brag... but to mention that I am often asked for parenting advice.  And once the (solicited) advice is given I am usually told why said advice will not work... Umm...

So my choices become answer the question before me... or smile and shrug and pretend that my relationship with my children is just luck... Not years of effort, tweaking, experimenting, confiding, mistake making, forgiveness seeking, self sacrificing, pouring my heart and soul into three of the most miraculous beings God ever created... (Ok that last part might have been a little braggy).

I'm not sure I would call them "Mommy Wars" but there certainly seems to be a bit of  "crab in the bucket syndrome" going on.  Instead of helping one another out we are fault finding and seeking to knock each other right back down into the bucket.

Uh Oh... Cindy down the road has a potty trained 18 month old... lets email her a couple of articles on why her child is going to be a neurotic over achiever by the time he/she is 6.

And so I challenge you... and me too... to celebrate with the moms in your life... seek out the good in her and her children... and lets climb out of the bucket together.


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