Friday, July 19, 2013

Mundane Freedom

I have silence... The baby is napping... Craig and the children are off hunting for starfish and sliding down sand dunes with Grandpa I am alone for the first time in 3 days? Maybe longer.

So what do my hands reach for... My phone so I can continue reading My book? For a little while yes... But I begin to have an itch ( don't worry this won't turn into a TMI post). I need to DO something... And so I do dishes.

My hands no longer idle I look around the kitchen as I swirl the cloth inside pottery coffee mugs (that  I totally covet by the way)... I see an aloe plant and think I might like to have an aloe plant... Which leads my thoughts to the indoor herb garden I want to plant this fall... Basil... Chives... Oregano maybe? Will I use those metal locker drawers as planters? Or maybe paint my own terra cotta ones?

With my hands no longer idle my brain opens up... My creative juices flow... And I notice the mundane offering up freedom.

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