Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Rest where are you?  Why are you eluding me? Have I not denied my Downton Abby and Glee, Netflix obsessions to seek you out?

My weariness so great that my head hit the pillow at 8pm and slept through the construction noises of bathroom renovations just one wall away... and yet when the morning comes I feel as though I could sleep for another 11 hours.

I am intentionally perusing you... scheduling a 2 hour break weekly... dragging myself into the cold to refresh myself with a run... but you insist on this game of hide and seek... and you are good at it.  The best in fact.

Perhaps I will find your brother refreshment or sister energy and we will sit together with a cup of something hot (probably coffee for me) and you will be so tempted by this that you will want to join us to.
  photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography via photopin cc
Five Minute Friday


  1. Keep pursuing rest, Sarah. It is there - in Your Father's arms. You will find all you need when You seek Him first. Thanks for the imagery this morning of a faithful pursuit. Your personification of rest - how lovely! I appreciate your writing style so much.

  2. I too appreciate the writing style, so sweetly written.

  3. Sarah, you rock. Often writers deny their personalities in their work. You exemplify it. ((S))