Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tread Lightly

I have a tendency to pounce on folks spiritual stories with the phrase... "I don't think that's true".  And even worse... I seek out a place in the story to attack with my cynicism.
My own mistrust of other's teachings... mixed in with the prideful desire to have an opinion that is revered by others... is the cause of my outbursts.

The cost? Squishing those I love when they are revealing things that are precious to them... stepping on those who choose to be vulnerable to me so that I might have a leg up...

This is not behaviour I want to own any longer... and so I hope to listen with wide open ears... to ask genuine questions gently... and to have real, loving excitement for the things that inspire other's spiritual and person growth.

I pray that you will love me beyond my stumbles... and still share with me the stories you hold close.
  photo credit: notspavin via photopin cc

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