Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Brave(r) Me...

I used to be afraid... not that I am completely fearless now... but I was a mouse of a person compared to who I am now... I was afraid to ask questions... I was afraid to open unopened food packages for crying out loud .. I was afraid to put things away in the "wrong place"...

I look back on my time as a wife... and I remember the fears I had that I was not capable of doing things on my own... first it was driving a car... and now I can... then it was staying by myself at night... and now I can... then it was extended parenting by myself (like when my husband is on a trip)... and now I can...

 But I am so blessed to look back on my life and see the places I have been strengthened... to see the brave breathed into me by the experiences that God provides for me... and there is hope for the rest of my fears.
  photo credit: merwing✿little dear via photopin cc

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  1. someone wise once said: courage isn't the absence of fear, it is acting in the face of it.