Friday, November 16, 2012

How "A Year Of Biblical Womanhood" Opened My Eyes to Celebrating My Husband...

I am in the middle of reading Rachel Held Evans book A Year of Biblical Womanhood... and while have come across many wonderful, interesting and perspective changing passages in the book... one in particular made me want to break out the pom poms and cheer... (note I do not actually own pom poms).

At the end of her chapter on submission Evans writes..."I don't respect Dan because he is a man....I respect him because I've seen him cry on behalf of his friends. I respect Dan because he is smart enough to win just about any argument, but that doesn't mean he always does... I don't respect my husband because he is the man and I am the woman, and it's my "place" to submit to him. I respect Dan because he is a good person and because he has made me a better person too."  (emphasis mine)

These words made me evaluate my own feelings toward Craig... and honestly let me tell you... Craig is hilarious... We have been together nearly 13 years and the man can still make me belly laugh often.  He is a fearless question asker... he doesn't settle for canned answers.  Something in particular that I love about Craig is that he is an adventurer... he is usually game for any opportunity to get out and do something.  He makes me some amazing coffee... Mmm.  He lends out his tools... who doesn't like a man who shares his toys.  Craig is open to my ideas and takes on projects with vigour... The boy wants to make me happy... but not at the cost of shrinking into the scenery himself... And not once has this "Man of Valor" ever demanded that I submit to him... I respect Craig because he is a good person and because he has made me a better person too.

These things and more I celebrate...and who knows maybe I will buy some pom poms just for him. ;)


  1. Sarah, I love this post. Nothing in particular strikes me as 'revelation' but it resonates deep within me. Well done.

    1. Good to know it's not revelation that I love my husband... seriously I wonder sometimes if the world knows this by how I act... am I an adoring wife on the outside?