Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sister Friends

Months ago I read a blog post by Sarah Bessey about friends in which she wrote; "It’s in that moment that you move from friends to sister-friends." 
My heart lurched in a terrible way when I read that... My sister friends were so far away from me... I longed for a wonderful coming together like hers... I was thirsty for connection.

Let me tell you about my wonderful, sweet, amazing sisters of the heart.

Twyla- Twyla has taught me to be genuine... she has shown me that friendship does not mean we put on our pretty mask and drink tea with our pinkies up in the air trying to impress each other... I must give credit to her husband Terry though for the lessons in friendly debate. :)

Anita- Anita and I were bosom buddies almost right from the beginning of our friendship... literally she was my breast feeding support... The most important lesson I learned from her though is that just because you have a fight (even a big doozy one) it doesn't have to mean your friendship is a write off.  

Katie- Katie taught me that relationships are worth sacrificing for... infact just this week I drove 2 hours and she drove 4 for an afternoon visit... to make contact and strengthen our bond... 
Katie (right) and I (photo taken by my 6 year old)
Each one of these women I would call in joy or sorrow... each would welcome me to stay in their homes... and each I would trust to care for my children... these are my sister friends.


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